Myanmar Deco-TBSP Special Products Company Limited

Myanmar Deco-TBSP Special Products Company Limited, (or “DECO-TBSP”) is the First and the only one international standard manufacturer specializing on Security Printing in Myanmar and officially obtained the business permit from the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC).

The Company has been established in 2017 as a joint venture of two parties; including of, Deco-Land Group (or “DECO”), the No. 1 paper trader in Myanmar and Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited (or “TBSP”), a leading manufacturer in security printing and solutions in Thailand for 43 years.

With the shared vision of creating a new phenomenon in Myanmar’s security printing business by combining the strengths and synergies of these two parties, we ensure to customers with our experiences, expertise and efficiency of Security Printing align with international standard.


Deco-TBSP’s mission is to help our customer to create the anti-counterfeit printing, a product that prevent from counterfeit attempts on your important documents to meet your business requirements; meanwhile, creating your competitive advantages in business for being a sustainable market leader.

Products & Services are:

  1. Security Documents
    • Banking Products & Security Forms
    • Passbook, Cheques, Security documents
    • Security Certificates
    • Commercial Cash Coupon or Gift Voucher
    • Security Voucher
    • Security Vouchers with NCR papers
    • Share Certificates
    • Gold, Gems & Jewelleries vouchers
  2. Plastic Card
    • Financial Cards ATM Cards, Debit, Credit cards, chips cards, magnetic strip cards
    • Non-Financial Cards – ID cards, Membership card, Other different types of smart card, Transportation card
  3. Brand Protection Labels
  4. Business forms and commercial documents

Contact Information

Address :Hlaing Thayar Industrial Zone (3), Yangon, Myanmar.

Ph : 09 89899 1188, 09 788 50503

Email :