Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs Network (MYANWEN) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded on April 2, 2020 by successful women entrepreneurs, women professionals, and aspiring young women entrepreneurs with the vision to be the leading organization empowering and providing key guidance to women-led businesses and women across all sectors to support the socio-economic development with (6) main objectives.


Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs Network (MYANWEN) is a non-profit non-governmental organization founded in April 2020 with the vision to support the socio-economic development of Myanmar by providing guidance to women-led businesses and high-achieving Myanmar women entrepreneurs.


(1) To connect local and foreign business opportunities for Myanmar women.

(2) Enhancing business management skills to establish and operate businesses that are in line with international standards; Business ideas; To support Myanmar’s economic growth by developing practices.


1.To share knowledge, information, experiences and provide suggestions for management and skill developments of the Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs.

2. To systematically help linking with local and international organizations for training courses on digital and technology, market and business trainings and financial matters in businesses.

3. To support the capacity building of local businesses (micro, small, medium and large businesses), establishment of businesses based on environmental preservation and sustainable development of the businesses.

4.To enable women in the workforce to receive equal opportunities, to protect and guarantee the dignity and social life of women in workplaces.

5. To provide assistance to the young women who want to establish start-up businesses.

6. To Support Economic empowerment and social skills development of women.